Men's XC2 Fight Shorts
Men's XC2 Fight Shorts

Men's XC2 Fight Shorts

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Expertly designed for fighters, these breathable and durable shorts are a must-have for any athlete's collection. Featuring reinforced slits at the sides for maximum flexibility, they sit just above the knee and provide a secure and comfortable fit with a hook-and-loop closure at the waist. Perfect for intense training sessions, these shorts offer both comfort and confidence.

The standard fabric is a non-stretch Polyester called Airdew 180 (24) however you can also pick a lighter version of the same blend called Rhapsody 155 (23). A third options will be our less shiny version of the standard fabric called Zevo 180 (25). Change the fabrics as you wish!


  • Available in Men’s sizes XS to 7XL.
  • Available in Youth sizes XS to XL.
  • There is no order minimum. Get your very own design today!
  • Once an order has been submitted, delivery time is 4-6 weeks.
  • Request your design today and we will email it within 2-3 days.


Please pick the fabric options you want and then submit a Design Request. If you want the same design over multiple products, please remember to add them to the design request. We will email you the design(s) and once you approve, we will email you your order with a payment link.