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Team Shops

Team Shops are a collection of products in your own designs, made available to you or your customers depending on how you want to make money.

Product Selection

Uniforms and Apparel

Multiple t-shirt, jersey, shorts and pants options, in the exact fabric you want and of course in your very own design. Also, do not forget you can add your clubs uniforms as well.


Multiple options.


Multiple options.


Multiple options.


Multiple options.


Multiple options.

The Concept

Make Money For Your Organization

If you want to earn an income on the apparel and uniforms you already offer your athletes, staff and sponsors, then we set up a shop with products in your design and make it available to your customer for a 10-14 day period. You earn commission on the amount of products sold and we settle payment with you, once all orders for the period have been fulfilled. This option also works if you want to pass the commission on to the customer as a discount.

Another option is if you want to purchase products for your own organization at a discount and sell them yourself in any manner you see fit. Then again the store is open 10-14 days. The products will have a set discount based upon the quantity of products you plan to purchase. This option will also work if you want products that have an order minimum.

No matter what option works best for you we will need 4-6 weeks to manufacture the products. The amount of designs you can load to your shop is agreed with your sales representative and based upon your organization size. All the products are custom-made with no return or refund possible. We will replace if we make a mistake.