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Breach is an international clothing brand founded in Denmark, near Copenhagen.

Claus, our founder, always loved sports and as a young entrepreneur, he quickly grew frustrated with the product selection and support from the established brands. All the sportswear styles were mass-produced, in generic designs and with no intent on providing a quality garment, so Claus set out to learn how to develop high-quality sportswear with a modern fit, in any design the customer might desire and at prices the customers could afford. In 2004 this vision grew into Breach Team Sports which today offers high-quality garments for baseball, football, basketball, American football, and more. All the products are personalized, in a modern fit, and offered at multiple prices and qualities depending on the level of play.

In 2022, Claus and Breach launched the same solutions for enthusiasts of performance sports such as cycling, triathlon and running. High-quality products personalized to the individual athlete. From amateur athletes that simply want a uniform that matches their bike to the Pros that require sponsored designs and additional features in the products. Breach offers products in several price points and qualities and the glory is that you do not need to buy for a full team or even two people, to get your very own personalized cycling uniform. Simply get one for yourself.

Breach Group

The Brand

Our mission is to promote an athletic and active lifestyle for everyone. We aim to provide innovative, custom-designed, and personalized products to consumers, to allow them to brand themselves and thereby archive their athletic goals.

Our vision is to be an industry-leading innovator of products which add
value to our customers and their organizations. Both through
high-quality, technical applications, but certainly also through our elaborate designs.

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Our core value is simply to make a positive impact on our customers. Period!

Claus B.