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That all depends on the product. Some are made in USA, some in Asia and some in South America.

We offer various discount options that can be customized to suit your specific requirements. Feel free to reach out to us for more details.

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Firstly you need to find the product and the fabric options you want. Then on each product page you add them to your "Design Request". You can always open the design requests using the tab to the far right of your screen.

All design requests will be managed via email. The initial design and any revision is agreed via email, and once you are happy with the design, we will email you a link to your order. This will have all the details regarding your product, design, size and price. Simply complete and pay for the order, and your order will take 30-35 days to be delivered.

All our products are custom designed with your own club or personal design, names, numbers, or sponsors. But to have a garment with technical features such as added ventilation, moisture wicking or sun protection, will most definitely help any athlete perform their best. But there are also customers that simply need an affordable product, and that is the reasoning behind the TR9, XC2, Dynamic and Athletic collections. Simply pick if price is your main concern or any technical features are. And if you need anything custom made for you, we can do that to.

In general the fabric options you are presented with on the product page are all similar in nature and will not affect the price or properties of the product. There is a set standard for the product in the product description and in the options sections, that standard is marked with a yellow edge. So when in doubt always just pick the standard options.

We have also elaborated on the fabrics and their qualities on our technology page.

If you need help with the fabrics please use the chat function at the bottom of the page or contact us.

If you want a custom product or size, then the process is the same as normal ordering except you need to contact us to start the initial design process. Our sales team will be able to help you with fabric and trim options, and also finding the correct size.

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If you pick a sublimated garment all elements will be included in the print and thereby be free. You can add as many as you wish including a pattern in the background, a fading color and similar.

If you pick a predyed garment, meaning one that is made using fabrics that are already dyed. Those we need to decorate with heat transfer, screen print, embroidery etc. This will incur additional cost per location, size, and amount of colors. All something we have to quote individually per item. Some of these will also increase your order minimum. For instance laser holes has an order minimum of twenty pieces.

But contact us if you have questions or reach out to your local representative.

For team sports most products can be made in extra wide or extra long with no issues. But we cannot make one unique size for you, if this should accommodate for larger or smaller areas than others. That would be a whole new product.

On performance items we can create a unique size for you on most of our products. And this can accommodate a larger or smaller area than the original style.

Simply reach to your local representative or via this website to get the process started.


All orders are shipped from our distribution centers in Denmark for European customers and from Oregon, for our North American customers.

When you checkout you will be presented with the appropriate shipping rates.

Shipping options and their corresponding prices will be displayed during checkout. Typically, we employ PostNord and DPD for deliveries within Europe, while USPS is utilized for orders in North America.

To ensure a smooth shipping process, your order will be shipped from either the US or EU, depending on your location. Therefore, you should not encounter any additional import duties.


Then you contact us so we can establish the issue and propose a solution. Remember you cannot return or receive a refund on a custom product. But if we made a mistake we will of course replace the item(s).

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If your product is custom made for you, you cannot return it and there is no refund possible. If we made a mistake, then we will replace the product.

Please read our return policy here.