Women's TR9 MTB Bib Shorts
Women's TR9 MTB Bib Shorts
Women's TR9 MTB Bib Shorts
Women's TR9 MTB Bib Shorts

Women's TR9 MTB Bib Shorts

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The TR9 MTB Bib Shorts is tailored to follow the contours of your body like a second skin while remaining light as a feather. Experience a supreme tight fit around the leg thanks to the elasticated bottoms with silicone grippers. Specially engineered with TR9 technology for maximum comfort and performance on the saddle. Providing excellent shock protection, breathability, and exceptional freedom of movement.

Our standard chamois is made for medium distances. Extremely flat on the surface, its minimalist design allows for close and continuous skin contact while providing the right protection on the “underneath” portion of the pad.

The TR9 Bib Shorts is available in MITI Shield Endurance fabrics with UPF50+ protection, advanced moisture-wicking features, and incredible abrasion resistance. If you want to wear the bib shorts in a cold climate we recommend the MITI Stelvio option. Change the fabrics as you wish!


  • Available in Women’s sizes XS to 5XL.
  • There is no order minimum. Get your very own design today!
  • Once an order has been submitted, delivery time is 4-6 weeks.
  • Request your design today and we will email it within 2-3 days.


Please pick the fabric options you want and then submit a Design Request. If you want the same design over multiple products, please remember to add them to the design request. We will email you the design(s) and once you approve, we will email you your order with a payment link.