Woman's Surfshark Bib Shorts
Woman's Surfshark Bib Shorts

Woman's Surfshark Bib Shorts

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Crafted with top-quality Italian Miti materials, these bib shorts offer excellent ventilation and protection from harmful UV rays. With a flexible hem and silicone grips, they provide a secure and comfortable fit around the legs. Designed specifically for ultracycling and long-distance rides, Elastic Interface's® newest cycling pad, the Road Performance Force, features a male-specific design with a central channel that improves blood flow and reduces pressure and numbness.

This item has been developed in collaboration with Surfshark VPN to back the most committed athletes. We've crafted a highly technical garment using top-notch Italian Miti fabrics and the exceptional Elastic Interface® chamois, catering to athletes with a drive for improvement. Surfshark VPN provides a professional layer of protection by encrypting your data and securing your online identity, all while ensuring optimal performance and speed for your online adventures. Safely explore new horizons! www.surfshark.com/breach.

This product is only available as preorder due to the exclusive materials used in the garment. Please allow 4-6 weeks production time.


This product is constructed with Italian Miti performance fabrics, which are lightweight and feature advanced sweat-wicking properties coupled with UPF40+ solar protection.

The chamois is from Elastic Interface®.


Lower temperature washes and delicate spin cycles are gentler on garments and help to protect the color, shape and structure of the fabric. Furthermore, they reduce the amount of energy used in care processes.

  • Machine wash at max. 30ºC/86ºF with short spin cycle.
  • Do not use bleach.
  • Do not use iron.
  • Do not tumble dry.