XC2 Gaitor
XC2 Gaitor

XC2 Gaitor

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Neck warmer created to be worn as a headband or as a neck warmer and face covering for cold rides. Breathable and moisture wicking. 100% polyester.

The XC2 Gaitor is available in Pura 200 (12) with a soft stretchy feel. And if you want a thicker version for colder climates, we offer Hacu 370 (W03) . Change the fabrics as you wish.


  • Available in One Size Fits All.
  • There is no order minimum. Get your very own design today!
  • Delivery time, once an order has been submitted, is 4-6 weeks.
  • Request your design today and we will email it to you within 2-3 days.


Please pick the fabric options you want and then submit a Design Request. If you want the same design over multiple products, please remember to add them to the design request. We will email you the design(s) and once you approve, we will email you your order with a payment link.