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Our first piece of advise may seem counterintuitive: carefully examine how frequently you should wash your most-used clothing. Your impact on the environment and the number of times you wash your clothes can both be lessened by cutting back on the frequency of washing. We advise airing out your riding gear in between washes and using a sponge and mild soap or detergent to get rid of any lighter stains or grime.

To prevent your washing machine from being harmed when wash day comes, it's crucial to remove any extra filth from your kit with a sponge and warm water.
While sorting clothes by color and material can take some time, it lowers the chance of colors running and enables you to change the wash settings as necessary.

Avoid using fabric softeners, which can leave a waxy layer on the clothing, and set the temperature in accordance with the specific care instructions.
The ability of your clothing to wick perspiration, dry quickly, have high stretch, and repel water may be compromised by the accumulation of waxy residue.

Finally, avoid drying your bike apparel in the dryer. In addition to consuming a significant amount of energy, tumble dryers can cause shrinkage and reduce the quality of your clothes. Make sure to use a low heat setting if you absolutely must use one.

Clothing shouldn't be kept in environments with a lot of humidity or that are poorly ventilated. Clothes shouldn't be left in the sun for extended periods of time when not in use.